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Current Officers

President: Brianna Carlson and Christian Gay
Vice President: Oliver Shi
Treasurers: Alonzo Alcocer and Jesse Osborne
Secretary: Elena Murphy
Graphic Designers: Matthew Junger and Nicholas Trujillo

Technical Fee Representative:
2nd year Class Rep:
3rd year Class Rep:
4th year Class Rep:

Faculty Advisors

Kelly Curl, Associate Professor

Brad Goetz, Professor

2017-2018 Officers

President: Lauren Riordan
Vice President: Jessica Ricalde
Treasurer: Ian Swalling
Secretary: Elena Murphy
Graphic Designer: Thomas Hickey

Technical Fee Representative: Kynan Franke
2nd year Class Rep:
3rd year Class Rep:
4th year Class Rep:

2016-2017 Officers

President: Conrey Morris
Vice President: Charlie Smith
Treasurer: Kyra Czerwinski
Secretary: Zach Taylor
Graphic Designer: Lindsay Hand

2015-2016 Officers

President: Andrew Baklaich
Co-President: Kyra Czerwinski
Treasurer: Colin Dunn
Secretary: Lindsay Hand
Graphic Designer: Conrey Morris and Andy Madrick

2014-2015 Officers

President: Rita Manna
Co-President: May Liu
Treasurer: Andrew Baklaich
Secretary: Lindsay Hand
Graphic Designer: Matthew Weiderspon
Technical Fee Representative: CarlĀ Vogt
2nd year Class Rep: Andrew Baklaich
3rd year Class Rep: Allie Bunker
4th year Class Reps: Christie Lyle and Matt Bombard

2013-2014 Officers

President: Jessica Doig
Vice President: Emily Kotulak
Treasurer: Allie Bunker
Secretary/Graphic Design: Drew Button
Ag Forum Rep: Courtney Stasiewicz
Tech Fee Rep: John-Walker Davis
4th Year Class Rep: Anjali Kumar/ Jennifer Barnett
3rd Year Class Rep: Taylor Tidwell/ Matt Bombard
2nd Year Class Rep: April Sorenson
1st Year Class Rep: Nathan Sellers/ May Liu
Webmaster:John-Walker Davis, Courtney Stasiewicz, Jennifer Barnett, Anjali Kumar

2012 – 2013 Officers

President: Benjamin M Canales
Vice President: Micah Sexton
Treasurer: Mary Taylor
Secretary: Drew Button, Emily Kotulak
Program Coordinator: Mary Taylor
Program Coordinator: Emily Harrison
Program Coordinator: Brian Horton
Program Coordinator: Benjamin Canales
Graphics/Advertising: Drew Button
Tech Fee Representative: Aaron Wagner
Webmaster: Brian Horton

2011 – 2012 Officers

President: Brianna Weintraub
Vice President: Andrew Vieth
Treasurer: Michael Honerlaw
Secretary: Britni Johnson
Program Coordinator: David Armesy
Program Coordinator: Amy Harr
Program Coordinator: Michael Honerlaw
Program Coordinator: Britni Johnson
Program Coordinator: Michaela Kaiser
Program Coordinator: Chad Krenzke
Tech Fee Representative: Mollie Simpson
Tech Fee Representative: Aaron Wagner


2010 – 2011 Officers

President: Shannon Harker / Michaela Kaiser
Co-Vice President: Britni Johnson
Co-Vice President: Brittany Ricketts
Treasurer: David Armesy
Secretary: Tyler Hoest
Graphics/Advertising: Tyler Hoest
LABash Coordinator: Rachel Prelog
Program Coordinator: Jay Courtney
Program Coordinator: Darren Duroux
Program Coordinator: Shannon Harker
Program Coordinator: Faith Gudal
Tech Fee Representative: Mollie Simpson


2009 – 2010 Officers

President: Shannon Harker
Co-Vice President: Marilou Fernandez
Co-Vice President: Alex Shubin
Treasurer: Michaela Kaiser
Secretary: Kelli Schwab
Graphics/Advertising: Kelli Schwab
LABash Coordinator: Rachel Prelog
Program Coordinator: Liz Flood
Program Coordinator: Dylan Schmer
Program Coordinator: Kelli Schwab
Program Coordinator: Alex Shubin
Tech Fee Representatives: Mollie Simpson
and Ben Canales

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